The norms of the occupational health system are communicated clearly internally and externally;

    • Better image among staff, clients and the public;
    • Reduces work-related accidents and absences due to illness;
    • Well defined and transparent processes and roles;
    • Better safety awareness and higher staff motivation;
    • Continuous improvement of the occupational health protection management system;
    • Liability risks can be better controlled;
    • Possible dangers and risks are recognized and fixed;
    • Systems are assessed and controlled regularly by external auditors;
    • Improved legal certainty for the enterprise;
    • Sustained support throughout the entire certification process.

 The assessment and certification processes are based on the international regulations of the ISO Norm 45001 (IAF), similarly to the Quality Management System. GERMANCERT has been accredited by DAkkS to certify this ISO Norm 45001.