GERMANCERT is committed to the following core values, which are binding for our entire staff and partners:

    1.  Impartiality is our prime directive. GERMANCERT has installed institutional mechanisms to exclude impartiality which is safeguarded in compliance with the rules.
    1. Competence is our leading principle when selecting our team members, processes, tools, and internal qualification measures.
    1. Responsibility is underlying our best efforts and total involvement in supporting our clients on their road to success. GERMANCERT is aware of their responsibility toward society and its institutions. Furthermore, we take responsibility for our staff and partners as a pillar of our corporate governance.
    1.  Openness, both internally and externally, is a prerequisite for the trust and confidence of our clients and staff.
    1. Confidentiality is an uncompromising imperative leading the provision of our services.
    1.  Receptiveness for complaints is an essential fundament of our customer service for which we have developed exact procedures.
    1. Risk-based concepts lead and sustain our provision of services to identify our clients’ risks and elaborate the corresponding solutions in order to banish or minimize risks. This also applies to our personnel policies.
    1. Ethical business policies constitute the guiding principles of our enterprise and are compiled in an ethical codex which is binding for our staff and partners.
    1. No discrimination, be it internally or externally; nobody can be discriminated because of race, origin, age, gender orientation or other characteristics.