The higher quality of processes and services grants greater success;

    • Boosts the confidence placed in your organization by partners and clients;
    • Investors and stakeholders are better motivated;
    • Potent marketing argument;
    • Well defined and transparent processes and roles;
    • The higher efficiency considerably reduces the work burden;
    • Risks are identified and minimized;
    • Sustained cost reduction through improved quality and less fault reclamations;
    • Less customer audits;
    • Systems are assessed and controlled regularly by external auditors;
    • Qualitatively high degree of know-how, information, and communication;
    • Simpler staff training and inception.

The assessment and certification processes are based on the international regulations of the ISO Norm 9001 (IAF). GERMANCERT has been accredited by DAkkS to certify this ISO Norm 9001.